Loans Share Savings Certificates

Effective as of: November 1, 2017
Shares Certificates And IRA Certificates
Term in MonthsDividend RateAPY*Compounding Period
6 Month Certificate.05%.05%Monthly
1 Year Certificate .10%.10%Monthly
18 Month Certificate Special Rate.85%.85%Monthly
2 Year Certificate.30%.30%Monthly
3 Year Certificate .50%.50%Monthly
4 Year Certificate Special Rate1.00%1.00%Monthly
5 Year Certificate Special Rate1.35%1.35%Monthly
Mini-Jumbo Certificates Minimun Deposit $50,000.00Quoted WeeklyCall 330-479-3130 For RatesMonthly
Jumbo Certificates Minimum Deposit $100,000.00Quoted WeeklyCall 330-479-3130 For RatesMonthly
The rates listed above include a .05% bonus for auto renewal. If auto renewal is not selected, your rate will be .05% less than the above rate. Minimum investment is $1,000.00 unless noted. Early withdrawal penalties apply on certificates closed before maturity. For original maturities of less than 1 year, the penalty is 90 days dividends. For original maturities greater than 1 year, the penalty is 180 days dividends.
Rates are valid as of the date listed above, and subject to change without notice. *APY = Annual Percentage Yield.